How to Win the Lottery

The orange states are lottery states

The Lottery is Everywhere

There are only seven states in the U.S. that do not have a lottery game. If you want to play the various lottery games, then the opportunities to do so are everywhere.

Learning how to win the lottery has also

gotten easier as expert players develop lottery strategy systems that are helping players to understand the games they play. The jackpots generally increase as more and more people play. People are pocketing millions by winning the lottery.

Where else can you plop down a dollar and have a chance at winning millions of dollars? Is it any wonder that the lotteries are more popular than ever?


Can I Win the Lottery?

That is probably the question you are asking yourself. We of course know that the answer to this question is "heck yes" you can win! People are winning every single day.

Does everybody that plays become a millionaire? Of course not. But people are winning money constantly.

The question really is, are you willing to learn how to win the lottery? Learning how to pick winning lottery numbers will take just a little effort on your part, but using a good lottery strategy could increase your chances of winning the lottery. So read through our tips and choose a method that makes sense to you, and go for it.


Which Lottery Games Should You Play For Maximum Potential?

There is a very wide variety of lottery games. The drawings also occur daily in most states. In fact many states have multiple drawings per day.

The basic lottery game lineup includes Pick 3 and Pick 4 daily games, Little Lotto and Lotto

games, Powerball and Megamillions super jackpot games, and of course instant games.

Which games you play depends on what you are looking to accomplish. If you want to win some fast cash with better chances of winning the lottery, then you would probably want to play the daily games. If you want to take a stab at the big jackpots, then play the lotto type games.

We offer lottery tips and strategies for playing all of these types of games. If you are going to learn how to pick winning lottery numbers, then you are going to need to learn a few lottery secrets, and this website is full of them! Look around and let us know what you think.


How to Beat the Scratchers

The instant tickets or "scratchers" as they are also known, offer a great deal of instant gratification. They are also easy to win and fun to play.

Usually for amounts up to $600, these tickets can be redeemed for cash right on the spot . 

Typically the chances of winning at least a free ticket on a scratcher are around 1 in 4.  Please see our lottery tips section on the left menu column for our suggestions on playing the scratchers.




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