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Can You Win With Scratchers?

I have a lot of fun scratching off instant lottery tickets. The various state lottery agencies make it fun by keeping their games fresh with a new rotation of games being introduced all the time. The various themes of the games add to the entertainment value and keep things interesting.
Some of these instant games have some very attractive payouts. The top payout can sometimes be a million plus. Other games offer a lifetime weekly payout etc. What is really appealing about the “scratchers” is that it seems like it ought to be easy enough to win with them. I do know somebody that actually scratched off a $1000 winner.
Pictured to the right is a $100 winning instant ticket from the "Cash Reward" game in the Pennsylvania Lottery.

What does it take to win with these instant lottery games? Is it just luck or is there a method that can be used to win them? I think it is both really. I have talked to people that only like to play the end or beginning of a roll.

Some people like to play 10 tickets at a time off of each roll. Others like to play the middle of the roll and so forth.

I am not really sure any of that has any effect on your winning percentages. In fact I am fairly sure that it doesn’t. But I did come across an instant lottery ticket system that was developed by a convenient store clerk that seems to make sense.

Vending machines like this one used in Florida, make buying
your tickets easy.
He uses the Martingale Betting System. This system is used in playing craps, horse racing and many other forms of gambling. However, he has developed a twist that adapts it to playing the instant lottery games. It is an interesting approach and there are those that swear by it’s effectiveness.

Something else to think about with these scratcher games, is the current status of each game at any given moment. For example let’s say your state introduces a game for the baseball season called “Grand Slam”. Let’s also pretend that this game offers three grand prize payouts of $1,000,000. That means that only three tickets exist that will make this grand prize payout.

If the game is scheduled to run from June through October and all three grand prizes have been won by late August, is it still worth playing the game? Is there a way to tell if the grand prizes have been won yet?

Yes there is, and the guide I mentioned goes over how to keep current on the instant games that you are playing. It doesn’t really make sense to be playing a game when the top payout has already been won.

Scratchers are cheap entertainment, but they are just like any other lottery game really. It makes more sense to play when you can put together some sort of strategy.

Pictured to the right; The rock band KISS recently signed a licensing deal with the state of New Mexico for an instant lottery game.






Pictured above is Michael
McCray who won $2.5 million
in the Georgia State Lottery "Millionaire Jumbo Bucks"
instant game. He had actually
won $1000 on an instant
ticket earlier that same day!

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